Our Story

From our humble beginnings at the corner of Mott and Bayard street in Lower Manhattan, MK Vision Center emerged from the Mott Optical Group- one of the most patient-centric family-owned and operated optical groups in the New York City Area.

Siki Ma, a Chinese immigrant, founded the Mott Optical Group. He believed in the American Dream where anyone can succeed by forging excellent service through strong, genuine relationships.

For over four decades, the Mott Optical Group grew from one store to nine in four out of the five boroughs in New York City, each driven by our founder's ethos.

The Mott Optical Group created the MK Vision Center brand in 2010 when we felt our optical stores served a boarder mission. We now not only providing clear sight through eyewear and eye-care services but also being a place where we hope to inspire your vision.

Our Mission

Clarity Today, Vision for tomorrow

Our Vision

Through giving you clear sight today with exceptional eyecare services and eyewear, we would inspire and join you in your journey to realize your vision, tomorrow.

Our Values

Continually look to build stronger relationships with customers and fellow colleagues.

Discover new and unique ways to serve our customers better so they inspired to expand their horizons and realize their vision.

Find ways to continually improve personally and professionally.

Extend family based values to each other, customers, and suppliers.Be humble and keep an open mind.

Meet The Founder

Kaleena Ma

Kaleena’s passion is to help patients with the all their optical needs and "wow" her patients with a memorable optical experience. As a board-certified optician with over 20 years of experience, she strives to take her expertise to the next level in fit and styling.

Kenneth Ma

Kenneth has traveled the world to curate a collection of eyewear that balances the art of style and the craft of fit and wearability. Always an early adopter of the newest trends both in fashion, retail, and technology, Kenneth continues to discover new ways for the MK Vision Center to deliver a world-class product and service that reflect the passion and dedication we have to our patients and community.